Next BAC 90

Sunday, November 7
5:00-6:30 pm

Adult Class 1

Topic: Defending Christianity
Location: Sanctuary
Teacher: Ryan Wright
(No registration required)

Adult Class 2

Topic: Unlocking the Old Testament
Location: Connect Room
Teacher: Luke Cousino
(Space is limited. Register to reserve a spot.)


What is BAC 90?
BAC 90 is a 90-minute class that takes place on the first Sunday of the month. The purpose of BAC 90 is to look deeper into topics that are important to the Christian faith. We also have programs available for birth-12th grade, so your whole family can attend together!

What will I learn?
The adult classes rotate topics each month and are intended to help you build a strong foundation of faith and help you develop a Christian worldview. We’ll go over topics such as basic Christian theology, how the Bible fits together as a cohesive story, how to defend your faith, end-times, and more!

What is the format?
Adult classes are structured like a typical class. The speaker will have slides and teach from the front of the room, and we’ll provide handouts for you to follow along and take notes. While there may be question and answer time at the end, these classes don’t require you to participate.

What about students and kids?
The senior high (grades 9-12) will meet in the Barn at the House Campus and the junior high (grades 6-8) will meet in the House at the House Campus. Kids ages birth-5th grade will be checked-in as normal. Birth-23 months will be in the nursery, preschool (ages 2-4+) will be in the Clubhouse, and k-5th grade will meet in the Refinery.

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