Welcome to the Bedford Alliance Church Bible Reading Plan Podcast! This podcast follows along with our church-wide reading plan, which walks you through the entire New Testament and gives you an overview of the Old Testament. Join us as we dive into God’s life-changing Word together!

NT#4: Luke 16 - Luke 20 (Caring for the Poor)

1/24/2022 | Luke Cousino

Luke discusses Jesus's love for the poor and marginalized as outlined in Luke 16–20.

NT#3: Luke 11 - Luke 15 (What it Means to Follow Jesus)

1/17/2022 | Luke Cousino

Luke discusses key passages from Luke 11–15, giving us a picture of what it looks like to truly follow Jesus.

NT#2: Luke 6 - Luke 10 (The Transfiguration and the Cost of Following Jesus)

1/10/2022 | Luke Cousino

Luke discusses key ideas in Luke 6–10, including the Transfiguration and the cost of following Jesus.

NT#1: Luke 1 - Luke 5 (Introduction to the Book of Luke)

12/30/2021 | Luke Cousino

Luke gives an introduction to the Gospel of Luke and discusses key passages from the first five chapters.