D-Group Resources

Use these resources below to guide you as you work through your Bible reading plan. You might choose to work through some of these materials as a group (i.e. during your group time), or you might view these materials individually. Keep in mind that these resources aren’t intended to replace your Bible reading but to supplement your reading. We believe that learning to read the Bible for yourself is the most transformative habit you can establish, so make that your first priority.

2021 Bible Reading Plan: Follow this reading plan to read through the New Testament in a year with optional Old Testament readings. View Reading Plan

HEAR Journals: Need a simple method to help you understand and apply your Bible reading? Check out HEAR Journals.

Overview of the Bible: Need help understanding how the books of the Bible form a unified story?

Check out God’s Big Picture, a free, 9-part video course that gives an overview of the Biblical storyline from Genesis to Revelation. This is a resource you could work through individually or as a D-Group.

The BibleProject: Need an introduction to the book of the Bible you’re currently reading? The BibleProject has short overview videos on all 66 books of the Bible.

Learn More: Need help building a general foundation of Biblical knowledge? Check out our previous BAC 90 lessons and RightNow Media. After logging into RightNow Media, select “Bedford Alliance Church” to view our recommended video series.