To grow spiritually, you need to be connected relationally.

Small Groups are here to help you build a community outside of Sunday mornings. They’re a place where you can experience authenticity, friendship, and spiritual growth.

How do they work?

Our Small Groups are sermon-based, which means your group will receive questions each week that help you dive deeper into the previous Sunday’s sermon. To join a group, you simply browse available groups and sign up!

Small Groups run on a semester basis, which means when you sign up for a group, you’re only committing to meeting for a few weeks. The fall semester will begin the week of September 26 and continue for eight weeks.

Why sermon-based?

Sermon-based groups are easy to join because there’s no special books or curriculum to purchase and it’s easier to jump in for a person who joins later. We also believe it’s important to reinforce and apply what we learn from Sunday morning sermons.


Small Groups typically meet in homes, but some may meet at the church or other public locations.
Small Groups meet at various times and different days of the week so you can find a group that works with your schedule!
Small Groups will meet for eight weeks starting the week of September 26.
We’re leaving it up to the groups to decide whether you’ll chip-in together for a group babysitter or whether childcare is up to each individual.
Each week there will be questions that help you unpack the previous Sunday’s sermon topic and main passage.
We encourage groups to rotate bringing a dessert or snack to the group, but the decision will be up to each group whether there will be food.